Un espacio “estelar”

The Fabra Observatory is an astronomical observatory located in Barcelona, ??on a buttress of Mount Tibidabo . It is owned by the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona.

The Observatory consists of three sections : Astronomical , Meteorological and Seismic . The first director was Josep Comas Solà and followed by Drs . Eduard Fontserè and Shore, Isidre Pólit and Buxareu , Joaquim February & Coal and current Josep M.Codina and Vidal.

In parallel with the scientific work done in these sections , the Centre developed a dissemination and cultural training intermediating especially reception day and night visits.

This space will allow you to organize meetings, presentations, seminars, institutional acts or private events.

summer dinners with stars of our Executive Chef Miquel Guimerà

Thanks to the creation of Miquel Guimerà , executive chef of Gourmet Paradis menu, you can enjoy dinner stars . Dinners that constitute one of the essential events of the summer in Barcelona. The activity takes place at the Fabra Observatory during the summer months and combines popular science and astronomical observation with a suggestive gastronomic. The Centre and the dinners are at one of the excellent views of the city of Barcelona.

The evening with dinner, with an imaginative and delicious gastronomic proposal designed in astronomical key , quality ingredients and excellent cuisine that is served to the terrace , when the night begins starts.

To end the meal and activity popular science conference is offered .

The night invited to visit inside the Observatory . The museum room early twentieth century and the telescope will visit steps. Accessed in the hall of the great dome , which retains the original elements. Elements can be observed from distant constellations, stars and much of the solar system, with telescope of 1904 , one of the largest and oldest in Europe currently operating .