The largest private Medieval Palace Barcelona.

It is the largest residential building that existed in medieval Barcelona. He belonged to the Requesens family, one of the most important Catalan nobility.

The original building dates from the XIII century , sheltered from the third century Roman wall and drawing one of its towers . The current building is from a renovation and expansion of the fifteenth century , when it became Galcerà Requesens . From the original building has been preserved Gothic structure and some mullioned windows .

The palace was built around a large courtyard with outdoor staircase leading to the first floor . The last major renovation of the building was completed in 1970.

Since 1917 is the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Letters , an institution that promotes knowledge of Catalan history and literature.

An unprecedented place in the city of Barcelona to enjoy a unique experience for its conclusion.

Also, you can nights of history and legend of the Palace, an activity that takes place in the current home of the Royal Academy of Letters , during the nights of Friday and Saturday and combines a route night , an historic talk disclosure and an attractive proposition inspired gastronomic time of the construction of the building. All this in one of the most exceptional private palaces built at the turn of the walls of Barcelona.

The evening begins with the original tour the Gothic Quarter of the city. An amazing way to discover the other side of the past, the history that existed night and indoors.

The evening continues with Catalan cuisine inspired by the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries menu : a rich and refined considered the first of the Christian world cuisine. Dinner is served in the Tinellet of Palau .

When finished, an expert in history offers a brief chat .